Yokogawa Electric Corporation company is Japanese electronic manufacturer, founded in 1915. Yokogawa is known for industrial automation and test & measurement equipment.

DL1520 DL1540 series oscilloscope

DL1540C/DL1540CL User’s manual
DL1540C/DL1540CL operation guide
DL1540/DL1540L/DL1520/DL1520L catalog
DL1540C/DL1540CL brochure
DL1540C/DL1540CL catalog
DL1540 brochure

DL1700 series oscilloscope

DL1700 Manual
DL1700 Manual
DL1700 Manual
DL1720 DL1740 DL1740EL User’s Manual
DL1720E DL1740E DL1740EL Communications Interface Manual
DL1720E DL1740E DL1740EL Operation Manual
DL1720E DL1740E DL1740EL User’s Manual
DL1720E DL1740E DL1740EL Service Manual
DL1720 DL1740 Service Manual
DL1720 DL1740 Manual
DL1740 User’s manual

DL7100 DL7200 series oscilloscopes

DL7100/DL7200 brochure
DL7100 functions
DL7100/DL7200 operation guide
DL7100/DL7200 Digital Oscilloscope Communication Interface manual
DL7100/DL7200 Quality Inspection Standards
DL7100/DL7200/DL1740 Technical information
DL7100/DL7200 User’s manual, Edition 3
Can bus analysis with DL7200
DL7100/DL7200 Service manual

Yokogawa oscilloscopes information

DL series accessories
DL series selection chart
DL series brochure
Probes brochure
Vertical Resolution Discussion

DL716 oscilloscope

DL716 Users’s manual

DL9000 series oscilloscope

DL9000 MSO brochure

Power meters, watt meters

Single-phase low-power factor wattmeter 2041 instruction manual
Power meter 2533E instruction manual
Model 2533E32 2533E33 2533E42 2533E43 User’s and service manual
WT210 WT230 Digital power meter, User’s manual

DC sources

Programmable DC source Model 7651 User’s manual

Function generators

FG100 Series synthesized function generator Performance tests


DR232/DR242 Hybrid Recorder Instruction manual
Models DR130/DR231/DR232/DR241/DR242 Communication Interface manual
HR1300 Portable hybrid recorder Instruction manual
Model 3711 3712, LR4100 recorders Instruction manual

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