Marconi Instruments Limited was a UK-based company, formerly part of GEC.

The company was making electronic test and measurement equipment and systems, such as ATE systems. It was famous for its extensive range of signal generators, from audio up to microwave frequency range. It also made some oscilloscopes, voltmeters, spectrum analyzers, counters, function generators, LCR bridges, impedance analyzers, power supplies, distortion analyzers and logic analyzers. The company operated an approved calibration and metrology laboratory for the electronics industry as well.

2018 2019 – Signal generators (80kHz…520MHz, 80kHz…1040MHz)

Operation manual
Service manual

2018A 2019A – Signal generators (80kHz…520MHz, 80kHz…1040MHz)

Operation manual
Service manual

2022 2022C 2022D – AM/FM generator (10kHz…1GHz)

2022 Operating manual
2022C Operating manual
2022D Operating manual
2022D Reference card

2023 2024 – AM/FM generator (10kHz…1.2GHz, 10kHz…2.4GHz)

Operation manual

2026 – Multisource RF generator

2026Operating manual
2026Q Operating manual

2030 2031 2032 – Signal generators (10kHz…1.35GHz, 10kHz…2.7GHz, 10kHz…5.4GHz)

2030 series operating manual

2305 – Modulation meter


2040 2041 2042 – Signal generators (10kHz…1.35GHz, 10kHz…2.7GHz, 10kHz…5.4GHz)

2040 series operating manual

2382 2380 – Spectrum analyzer (100Hz…400MHz)

Operating manual

2955 2955A 2955B – Radio communications test sets

2955 Operating
2955A Operating
2955A 2955R Operating

2955B Calibration
2955B Intro guide
2955B Operation
2955B Quick start

2960 2957A 2965 – Radio test set system

2957A Operating
2957A Programming
2957A 2957B Operation
2957A 2957B Program
2957D 2960D Operation manual
2965 Operation manual

6200B series – RF and microwave test sets

6200A Test set operating manual
6200B getting started
6200B GPIB
6200B Operating
6200B Specifications

6210 – Reflection analyzer


6910 6920 6970 – RF power sensor

6910 RF meter Operation manual
6920 RF meter Operation manual
6970 RF meter Operation manual
6970 RF meter summary card

TF2300 – AM/FM Modulation meter

2300 Instruction
2300B Instruction

TF2337A – Distortion meter

Instruction manual

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