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Documentation section for project. Hosts various test equipment documents, manuals, firmware dumps, software tools and internal photographs. How often you got some old legacy instrument or test equipment gear, but unable to find any documentation or schematic diagrams for it? It’s a common situation, since hobbyist websites and vendors for stuff made decades ago may not be available today.
This site stores that data on dedicated physical server and intend to achieve and preserve valuable knowledge and information, not solely relying on long-term availability of original source.

All content presented here is for non-profit education only, dedicated to electronics engineers. Datasheets, schematics, firmware files or any other content present on this domain completely belong to respective authors and owners. Content downloaded and rehosted from public webspace always have reference with name of the creator, and original link to the material in references section.

Also this site offers hosting for your test equipment high-resolution photos, unlimited in storage and hosting time. 100% advertisement and banner free.
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Update from September 1, 2023:

Documentation repository is currently being restructured for easier search and better navigation. All documents and files are still intact and not lost, but it might some time before it’s public again.

One of the contributing factors is the exclusive focus of on research and metrology objectives, coupled with very minimal IT resources. With no dedicated team of system administrators or moderators to address immediate hosting needs, we can only advise to directly contact test equipment manufacturers and vendors for more urgent support or manuals. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We understand that your engineering needs are paramount importance, and we regret any disruption or trouble you have encountered due to free documentation repository disruptions.

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